Pink Moon And Stars Print Snuggle Sack, Guinea Pig, Hedgehog, Rat, 9×10, Plushy Fleece, Small Animal, Burrow, Play, Bonding bag

READY TO SHIP! 9×10 Fleece Snuggle Sack/ Bonding Sack for small animals. As an animal lover and hedgehog mommy I know that small animals love to burrow, it is simply their nature and it helps them feel warm and safe. Snuggle sacks also help with bonding with your small animal. It helps them get used to your smell and used to you holding them. My Hedgie Boris loves them! He is my little model in the description pics!! I put 2 or 3 in his cage so he has options and its fun for him to burrow around! When my kids want to hold him I put him in one.

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